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Who are we?

Twinkknits is a home-run yarn and knitting business based in West Yorkshire, England. Here at Twinkknits we sell many different items ranging from hand-dyed yarn (4 ply sock yarn, DK sock yarn, laceweight etc) to a range of other knitted products.

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Here at TwinkKnits, we offer hand knitted items ranging from shawls, scarfs and hats. All accessories are knitted using our hand dyed yarn and are available in a number of different colours.


Knitting Kits 

Here at Twinkknits we offer a variety of knitting kits including our well known willow shawl kit which comes in a variety of colours and our scarf knitting kits.

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Hand Dyed Yarns

We also offer a wide range of hand dyed yarns, including: 4 ply sock yarn, DK sock yarn and laceweight yarn. We offer many beautiful different colour patterns using acid dyes.

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Have any questions?

Have any questions about your order? email me using the email address below or contact me using the support page.

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